Flower Power Festival Munich

February 3rd to October 7th 2023

The Bavarian state capital celebrates nature, culture and flowers from February 3 to October 7, 2023. After the sensational Faust Festival 2018, this is the second city-wide event in which large institutions, small associations, renowned cultural institutions and private initiatives come together and offer an extensive program for eight months. Almost 500 events put Munich in a true rush of flowers. The BIOTOPIA Lab, together with the Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg, the Gasteig Munich and the Kunsthalle Munich, initiates a cross-city, participatory event for Munich and the surrounding area throughout the seasons.

Celebrating Nature in the City

After the nationwide sensational Faust Festival 2018, it is the second major event in the Bavarian capital, in which everyone can take part, whether large institutions, small associations, renowned cultural institutions, well-known parks or private initiatives. The starting point is the exhibition “Flowers Forever. Flowers in Art and Culture”, which will be on view at the Kunsthalle Munich from February 3rd to July 9th, 2023.

Initiators of the Festivals:

Festival Themes

Smell a plant that no longer exists? It's an exciting experience, which you can experience in the fragrance cabin in the BIOTOPIA Lab. Or would you rather stroll through the fern gorge while listening to beautiful poetry? Or visit the land where lemon juice bottles bloom? Those who want to use the full range of the Flower Power Festival Munich 2023 are spoiled for choice among almost 500 dates - from February 3rd to October 7th. "Celebrate nature in the city" is the motto under which more than 100 organizers let their creativity run free and put Munich in a true rush of flowers for eight months.

Flower Power is all about the blossom, literally but also figuratively. Science, sustainability, plant diversity, garden art, climate change, biodiversity, aesthetics, quality of life - these and many more are topics that are staged, be it with exhibitions, workshops, performances, walks, theater, concerts, readings, installations and more.

Culture from everyone, for everyone

As with the Faust Festival Munich 2018, which was awarded the European Culture Prize, a participatory approach that welcomes everyone will again be used. All partners organize at their own risk and - if the project corresponds to the subject areas - will be marketed within the framework of the festival. There are no plans to curate the festival. Festival management and initiators ensure that there is a close exchange between the partners and thus the basis for overarching cooperation.

In accordance with the participatory approach "Culture by everyone, for everyone", existing networks should be used, but new links should also be created on a large scale. For the second time, many Munich cultural, educational and scientific institutions are working on a unifying theme. In this way, the themes of the festival can be shown in all their diversity.

Program in the BIOTOPIA Lab

Science you can touch: Slip into the role of a butterfly and fly through the ecosystem of flower meadows with virtual reality glasses: With our Birdly in the BIOTOPIA Lab you can experience what plants, animals and our environment look like through the eyes of the insect.

Every weekend, the BIOTOPIA Lab offers a changing program with open and free workshops related to the Flower Power Festival - whether on biodiversity, edible flowers, fast-growing plants or creative ways of using plants, for example as decorations on handmade paper.

Marvel and discover: The pop-up exhibition "Pollinators - little heroes of nature" (7.7.-31.12.23) explores various issues at the interface between science and art. How does pollination work? How does the extinction of insect species affect our nature, nutrition, our climate and our society? And what are the alternatives to animal pollination?

Smell something that no longer exists? In keeping with the Flower Power Festival, our last installation “Resurrecting the Sublime - Lost Fragrances” invited you on a journey into a bygone world: It brought to life the smell of a plant whose last traces disappeared more than a century ago through human activities.

A diverse range of programs and workshops on the topics of "Flower splendor and pollen count: Different ways to pollination", "Art and science: Drawing plants with the stereo magnifying glass" and "The limits of our planet: Nutrition, agriculture and innovation" can be booked for school classes over the entire Flower Power Festival period.

The BIOTOPIA Lab turns science into an exciting experience also during the Flower Power Festival.

"I am very pleased that the BIOTOPIA Lab is a co-initiator of the Flower Power Festival! With our program we want to encourage participation and experimentation and shed light on one of the most important topics for our biodiversity: The seductive interplay between pollinators and plants."

Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman, Founding Director Naturkundemuseum Bayern

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