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The BIOTOPIA Lab is open for visitors as long as the current corona situation allows (regulations for museums and cultural institutions). Short-term changes are possible depending on the current infection levels. At the moment, you can visit the Lab only if you pre-reserve your slot online.

On weekends, public holidays and during school vacations we offer you an all-day hands-on program with different topics. We determine the topics about 1-2 weeks in advance.

Reserve your spots for the upcoming days (visit of 1 hour)

Important details for visiting the BIOTOPIA Lab

We are very happy to welcome you even in these somewhat uncertain times! To ensure that your visit goes smoothly, please note the following points:

  • The BIOTOPIA Lab is only open when museums are open (depending on the current Corona regulations). Please inform yourself in time about the current regulations and requirements for a visit to a museum.
  • Registration for the BIOTOPIA Lab is not a ticket to the Botanical Gardens, but you can take the main path through the garden to the Lab with your reservation. Show your reservation on your cell phone at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens or bring a printed copy. If you also want to visit the Botanical Gardens and not go directly to the Lab and back home, please be fair and buy a ticket at their front desk!
  • You can reserve time slots of 60 minutes on the hour. We reserve the right to release reserved tickets 10 minutes after the reservation time for no-shows to allow for spontaneous reservations. Please cancel your reservation if it turns out that you cannot come after all, in order to allow other visitors access to the BIOTOPIA Lab.
  • You can only visit the BIOTOPIA Lab for the reserved hour, but in case of low demand the visit can be extended spontaneously.



BIOTOPIA activities for at home

With an exciting hands-on program, the BIOTOPIA Lab can also be experienced at home. Instructions, experiments and do-it-yourself concepts bring "hands-on science" into your own four walls. BIOTOPIA Lab@Home awakens interest in scientific relationships and provides inspiration for young and old. It gives a taste of the activities in the BIOTOPIA Lab - from bottle gardens or growing your own mushrooms to isolating DNA from vegetables or fruit. Browse the website and find the right experiment for you!

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