Video series: Fungi for Future

Our former pop up exhibition "Fungi for Future" was all about the diverse world of fungi. These creatures possess an endless treasure trove of exciting properties and possibilities. In addition to the exhibition, our online offerings will provide you with further information on these fascinating organisms.

In our video series, we can dive into the topics that were touched on in the exhibition again: Fungi experts have their say here, we offer insights behind the scenes, additional information on the exhibition objects and great ideas and experiments that you can do with fungi!

We hope you have fun watching!

Fungi Facts: Fungi and Food

Fungi play a major role for the things we eat. On the one hand, they can destroy entire harvests; on the other, they are important partners for our crops. Monika Dinglreiter and Dr. Thassilo Franke show us how fungi influence almost every bite on our plates.

Do it Yourself: Dyeing with fungi

Dyeing fabrics with mushrooms?
Yes, this is possible! In this video, Dr. Simone Gaab and Alice Wörle from the BIOTOPIA Lab team show you which colors fungi can produce and how to dye textiles with them...

Fungi Facts: Mystical Fungi

Legends and myths have surrounded the world of fungi for thousands of years. Alice Wörle and Dr. Thassilo Franke tell how wondrous mushrooms can be and explain what lies behind their magical properties.

Fungi Facts: The Earthstar

BIOTOPIA fungi expert Dr. Thassilo Franke has discovered something very special in the Botanical Garden in Munich: fungal zombies! The earth stars are actually already dead, but still fulfill an important purpose: the spread of their spores. And they do this with an incredibly sophisticated system.

Do it Yourself: Start your own mushroom farm

Grow mushrooms at home? Monika Dinglreiter and Dr. Dominic Anders show you how to do it. Watch how the edible mushroom cultures grow through the substrate and maybe harvest your own oyster mushrooms soon!...

Fungi Facts: The fascinating world of lichens

Lichens are an amazing symbiosis of algae and fungi. Dr. Andreas Beck from the Botanical State Collection Munich shows us how diverse and exciting these communities are and what we can learn from them...

Insights into the pop-up exhibition "Fungi for Future

Tanja Seiner, designer and curator of the pop up exhibition "Fungi for Future" and Dr. Dora Dzvonyar, director of the BIOTOPIA Lab, show you some highlights of our fungi exhibition. Find out how vegan sneakers and building materials made from fungi can influence our future and what else the largely unexplored realm of fungi has to offer...

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