How does what we eat shape the planet? What will the food of the future look like? How can we feed the world without destroying fragile ecosystems?

The festival will be a mouth-watering and thought-provoking exploration of eating in all its myriad dimensions, bringing together leading scientists, artists, designers, chefs, industry experts, innovators and the public to explore the food of the future in the stunning surroundings of Schloss Nymphenburg, offering a tantalizing variety of events suitable for all ages.

By approaching the topic from a variety of viewpoints, BIOTOPIA aims at initiating an inspiring, positively irritating interdisciplinary dialogue that fosters curiosity, captures people's imagination, contributes fresh perspectives, facilitates an empathetic understanding and sparks controversial discussion about the future of nutrition, agriculture, food and taste. The main themes of EAT will be:
  • Sustainability: e.g. biodiversity, seeds, new agricultural approaches, circular agricultural economy, footprints
  • Health and diet: e.g. nutritional styles, diabetes, eating disorders, salt/sugar, hunger
  • Future Food: e.g. in vitro meat, biohacking, CRISPR, digital gastronomy
EAT marks the beginning of a series of annual three-day festivals focused on behaviours, activities and processes like sense, sleep or communicate, leading up to the opening of the new museum currently planned for 2025.
Festival Facts

May 25, 2019: Exhibition "MEAT THE FUTURE"
May 26, 2019: Festival programme

Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich, Germany

Questions about the Festival:
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230 proposals have been submitted to the open call for EAT and are now being evaluated. All participants will be inforemd about the results as soon as possible. Thank you very much for all you wonderful ideas!

Image Credit: Chloé Rutzerveld, Edible Growth, 2014 - Bart van Overbeeke / Alamy Stock

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230 proposals from scientists, artists, gastronauts & Co. have been submitted to the open call for BIOTOPIA Festival EAT. Submission is now closed.

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BIOTOPIA has created its first annual report. Have a look at our achievements in 2017 and download the report now.


Animal Evolution in cities: Reading and conversation with author and scientist Menno Schilthuizen and BIOTOPIA founding director Michael John Gorman.

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BIOTOPIA is looking for a Financial and Office Manager to join our team - apply now:

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