200 Years Gregor Mendel

Various birthday program from April to September

Period of action: April 20 to September 18, 2022

It's all in the mix: Hybrids in nature and culture

In cooperation with BIOTOPIA, Museum Mensch und Natur and the Museumspädagogisches Zentrum, the Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg will offer all visitors a colorful and diverse program around Gregor Mendel, who laid the foundation for a new branch of biology with his crossing experiments on peas: genetics.

Get active: Program in the BIOTOPIA Lab

In the BIOTOPIA Lab, visitors follow in Mendel's footsteps! As part of the Mendel activity program, the workshop "The Code of Life" awaits you on selected weekends. You can isolate the DNA of a banana yourself, learn about the building blocks of our own life and enter the world of genetics.

We will also playfully explain what "dominant" and "recessive" mean and have a special highlight in store: so-called "Wisconsin Fast Plants". These fast-growing plants illustrate Mendel's three rules by means of the colors of their stems, among other things, and serve us for exciting crossbreeding experiments.

When: On these days the open programs around Mendel will take place:

  • 23./24. April
  • 15. Mai - Internationaler Museum Day (find out more)
  • 23./24. Juli – Weekend of activities for Mendel's birthday
  • 17./18. September

Where: BIOTOPIA Lab in the Botanical Garden | Menzinger Str. 65

Registration: A registration for the open workshop offers on the weekends is not necessary.

School classes: We also offer the workshop "The Code of Life" for school classes. Courses for middle and secondary schools as well as high schools can be booked for during the week - gladly also in combination with the programs in the Museum Mensch und Natur.

„This year we celebrate the 200th birthday of Gregor Mendel. His research and discoveries on heredity processes - known as 'Mendel's laws' - were pioneering and form the basis of genetics. BIOTOPIA will host an exciting program in the BIOTOPIA Lab that will give young and old an understanding of the theory of heredity in a vivid and hands-on way.“

Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman, Founding Director BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Offers in Museum Mensch und Natur

At the Museum Mensch und Natur, too, interested visitors can learn more about the most famous "bean counter" in the history of science in guided tours that can be booked. Guided tours for groups and school classes on the topic of genetics also highlight aspects of the history of science.

More information about the program: On the website of the Museum Mensch und Natur (mmn-muenchen.de)

Where: Museum Mensch und Natur | Schloss Nymphenburg

„In the Genwelten exhibition at the Museum Mensch und Natur, we have always devoted great attention to Gregor Mendel. After all, it was this monk from the provinces who, far away from the major scientific centers, traced the rules of heredity with lengthy experiments and meticulous evaluation.“

Dr. Michael Apel, Museum Director Museum Mensch und Natur

Programs and actions of all partners in overview

Theme trail

Information panels in the pergola of the Botanical Garden deal with the life and research of the Augustinian monk and introduce the topic of hybridization in the plant world. In beds specially designed for the theme, many hybrids and selections are displayed alongside their wild relatives. Throughout the year, plant groups in focus include: peas, corn, tulips, dahlias, irises, cocklebur orchids, and cabbage. A bed in the ornamental courtyard is dedicated to plant species that represent milestones in genetics.

When: April–September 2022
Where: Outdoor Botanical Garden

  • 20.04. The Triumph of the Unadapted: The Importance of Hybridization in the Evolution of Plants Lecture by Prof. Dr. Joachim W. Kadereit, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

  • 18.05 . Researcher, free spirit and eccentric - on the 200th birthday of the evolution pioneer Fritz Müller Lecture by Dr. Thassilo Franke, BIOTOPIA - Natural History Museum Bavaria

  • 20.07. Speciation by hybridization in the kingdom of fishes Lecture by Dr. Ulrich Schliewen, Zoologische Staatssammlung München

  • 17.08. Where to put the sexual organs? - By which adaptations flowers maximize outcrossing. Lecture by Prof. Dr. Michael Lenhard, University of Potsdam.

  • 14.09. Do hybrids and polyploids contribute sustainably to biodiversity? Lecture by Dr. Frank Blattner, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)

When: Wednesday | 18:30 Duration: 1-2 hours Registration: no registration required | All talks will be held in German!
Where: Botanical Institute | Menzinger Str. 67 | Großer Hörsaal (EG)

Guided Tours

Sunday tours on the theme 2022
Dates: 15. 05. | 12. 06 | 10.07. | 14.08. | 11. 09.
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Info & Registration: soon on botmuc.snsb.de/mendel
Where: Botanical Garden | Menzinger Str. 65

Family Events

Flower experiments - on the trail of Gregor Mendel

Guided tour with workshop for families with children from 7 to 12 years in cooperation with the MPZ (Museum Educational Center Munich)

When: Saturday | 2 pm
Dates: 14.05. | 11.06. | 16.07. | 20.08.
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Info & Registration: soon on botmuc.snsb.de/mendel
Where: Botanical Garden | Menzinger Str. 65

Event Weekend

23.– 24.07.2022

Event weekend on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Gregor Mendel

Mendel's birthday will be celebrated on July 23 and 24 at the Botanical Garden and BIOTOPIA Lab. The colorful and informative program on the action weekend will offer entertainment for all ages.

In the BIOTOPIA Lab, guests of the action weekend can get involved in open hands-on programs and find answers to the central questions of Mendel's theory of heredity. Among other things, the fast-growing "Wisconsin Fast Plants" are used here, which provide particularly vivid explanations of Mendel's discoveries.

In the Botanical Garden, guided tours and readings on the theme, the tying of flower wreaths, face painting for children and a relaxed music program provide a festive setting. On Sunday, July 24, the Munich GO SING CHOIR invites you to rehearse together. Everyone can join in and sing together in the ornamental courtyard of the Botanical Garden with a beautiful backdrop.

Holiday Quiz in the Museum Mensch und Natur

30.07.– 11.09.2022

Summer holiday quiz at the Museum Mensch und Natur - with great prizes to be won!

The Museum Mensch und Natur vacation summer quiz for families, children and young people this year is all about the birthday year of Gregor Mendel and evolution.

Gregor Mendel (*1822 - † 1884)

With his crossing experiments on peas, Mendel laid the foundation for a new branch of the natural sciences: genetics. He was the first to statistically evaluate the results of crossing experiments and came to the conclusion that the inheritance of phenotypic traits follows mathematical rules. His conclusions became known as Mendel's rules. To this day, they form a basis for understanding heredity, for example in animal and plant breeding, in the analysis of hereditary diseases or in the field of evolutionary biology.

Curious now? There is much more to discover at BIOTOPIA:





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